Let’s begin…

So I decided to start a blog. I am hopeful it will be great and will be a way for me to look back on my journey. To start I am a 40 year old single mom with 3 kids. I weigh 260lbs. Ugh.. I hate those numbers. I have had weight issues my whole life and have yo-yoed in weight as well. I have decided to get the gastric sleeve bariatric surgery. 

This may be a two day post as I am nearly done with all my pre-surgery work up but I want to get you caught up on where I am. The first requirement my hospital has is you attend a bariatric information session. I attended that in the beginning of October. You then fill out a questionnaire and return it and wait for the call for your initial evaluation with the surgeon. I was scheduled for October 31. I met with my surgeon who was very straight forward and gave me all of my options and an outline of the requirements I would have to complete before surgery. The first was lose weight. 14 lbs to be exact. So now I will be a bit more honest. When I went to that appointment I actually weighed 274lbs..(yikes) and I am only 5’4″.  So, I have completed that step!! I will list the remaining requirements and then explain my experiences. 

  1. Meet with a nutritionist 
  2. Meet with a bariatric physical therapist 
  3. Meet with a psychologist 
  4. Labs (a LOT of labs)
  5. At home sleep study
  6. EKG
  7. EGD
  8. Attend two support groups 
  9. Attend pre-op nutrition group

The first 3 went off without a hitch. I learned a lot about carbs and protein. I also learned that I had to stop drinking Diet Coke (figured that one) and coffee (blindsided by that and kinda sad).  I learned what I needed to start doing for exercise. I also was told that I am pretty sane! (My kids may disagree). 

Then came the labs. They took about 14 vials of blood. I had never had that many done at one time. I got a lot of information from these.  I am overall pretty healthy but I was deficient in Vitamin D-which is not much of a surprise since I live in the Pacific Northwest. So my doctor prescribed a high dose of Vitamin D that I took once a week for 8 weeks along with Calcium Citrate for help with absorption. 

I then did my sleep study. I was given a pulse oximeter to wear at home. It had a small box that I had to tape to my arm to record my oxygen levels. 

My kids swore I had apnea because they say I snore. (I haven’t heard it so I’m not sure I believe them).  It was a bit uncomfortable to wear and it made me wake up several times in the night but I PASSED!! No apnea. 

I will end here because this is getting long and because things got a little sideways after this. Plus today is Christmas and I need to start cooking! 

Until tomorrow!


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