Let’s begin cont…

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Ours was great. I did my best to stay on point with my diet but I will say I didn’t do as well as I would have liked and over ate just a tad. But days like that will happen. I just have to keep pushing forward and make sure they are less and less. 

Ok to continue with the pre-surgery work ups. So I had the EKG done. At my hospital you have it done in the lab.  It was quick and easy and took about 15 min total. The worst part was you have to take your shirt off and I was not really prepared to show off my lovely gut but it really wasn’t bad. As the test was being run the nice tech asked me “do you have any history of heart issues?” I replied with no. Of course my mind started overreacting and I sent the next day trying to convince myself that she had to ask that to everyone. No such luck. I got a call from the heart center a few days later saying I needed to come meet with a cardiologist. Ok.  Now I am panicking. I asked the girl scheduling the appointment why do I need to come in. Her reply was the EKG came back irregular. She did my heart rate may have been too fast or too slow or may have shown signs of a murmur. Ok. That made me feel better. I would go in get another EKG and the doctor would say..you pass!!!

I went in about a week later. Got hooked up to the EKG by two lovely ladies. As they ran the test that question came up again. Do you have a history of heart issues? I of course answer no again but now I am starting to really get nervous. They leave and in walks one of the nicest cardiologists ever. He starts asking me all kinds of crazy questions. Do I faint often? Do I feel my heart beating or racing? The questions go on and finally I stop him. IS THERE A PROBLEM? And then the dreaded answer…yes. 

He explains that I have left bundle branch block. Or as I will call it LBBB. I think when those words came out I stopped really hearing and there was just a strange ringing. He kept talking and I realized, girl get it together he is explaining this!

The first thing he explained is that I don’t have a blockage. The name is just deceiving. He said it had to do with the electrical charges being sent to my heart. They are off which causes the LBBB. BUT… he then tells me there is not an anesthesiologist that would touch me for this surgery until we do some tests. He also reassured me that I will not have a heart attack and that I can live live completely normal with the LBBB. 

Ok so first test. Neuclear pharmacological stress test. Sounds fun huh?? Basically with the LBBB you can not do a normal stress test as it will not show that they need to see. I went in. They gave me an iv and then put in some kind of contrast and then I had to wait 1/2hr. for it to get through my blood stream to my heart. Once that happened then I had to lay in a tube (not an MRI) and hold perfectly still with my arms over my head for 14min. Doesn’t seem long but when you are in it feels like hours!! Then they take you in and give you the stress medicine. This is one of the oddest things I have ever felt. Basically they inject this medicine and in about 10 seconds you feel like you just ran up 10 flights of stairs. You can’t catch your breath. You can feel your heart beating. It is CRAZY! It only lasts maybe 2-3 min. Then you are back to normal. I was injected again with the dye and back into the tube. I was able to return to work that day. 

Test two.  Echocardiogram. This is just an ultrasound of your heart. Not much to report here. 

Then I had to wait another week for the follow up. During this time I swore I was faint all the time and that I had major heart palpitations. I KNEW he was going to tell me I was going to die and could not have the surgery. (I tend to go to the worst thing possible.. it’s dumb and annoying).  The big day came.  I went in. He came into the room and said you are healthy. Your LBBB is most likely something you had since birth. I have no concerns and will clear you for surgery!! Heck yeah!!!! (Needs to be said. I didn’t feel faint or my heart after that.. dumb brain).  

Here is a picture of what a LBBB looks like in the monitors… everyone will have a different look but that is pretty much what mine looked like…

Ok. So that major hurdle gone. I went and attended two support groups. They were informative but I am not going to lie some of the people who are on their journey drove me crazy. It was hard to listen to excuses.. honestly we are all here because of food. We overeat. We make poor choices in food. And we probably all suffer with self control to some degree. I guess I shouldn’t judge and realize they are on their own path and it is probably what they need to make their journey work. 

So after I completed the Cardiology appointments I called and was given my surgery date. I am scheduled for February 21, 2017!!! 

I have one major hurdle left. The EGD. Basically it is a scope down my esophagus into my stomach and then into the beginning of my small intestine. I have to be put under for this test and they are looking to make sure there is not any hidden acid erosion or ulcers. IF they find anything like that I will no longer qualify for the sleeve and will then have to be scheduled for the gastric bypass. I will say I am really wanting the sleeve. So fingers crossed. I am scheduled for this appointment on January 25. So I will let you know how that goes as well. 

This was a long post. Hopefully it was filled with information for those who are on this journey who may have the LBBB.  

Have a fantastic day and I’ll be posting soon!!! 


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