The gross I forgot to mention!!

Oh my word I forgot to mention one other thing. My last post got a bit long and I spaced this… so here you go. 

WARNING: this is gross. 

When I got my surgery date my nurse informs me that I tested positive for h. Pylori. Umm. What the what is THAT??? 

Basically it is a bug that lives in your guts. It makes you more prone to ulcers, stomach cancer, and even lymphoma. (Do not have a panic attack Christy!)

This has to be cleared before surgery as they do not want it there because an ulcer in your pouch would be devastating!

All right, how do you get rid of it?? Well, high doses of antibiotics. Two separate ones to be exact. I was given amoxicillin that I take 2 pills 2x a day. I was also given clarithromycin that I take 1 pill 2x a day. The third pill I have to take is a Prilosec prescription. I have to take that 1/2 hr before I eat to coat my stomach for the antibiotics. They are so strong they could mess up my gut. 

So h. Pylori is really common. The grossness is what CAUSES it. So getting straight to the point… fecal matter. More correctly INGESTING fecal matter. Can you gag enough???

 I found that out and wondered how bad drinking bleach would be?  It is gag worthy for sure. MOST people get it as kids, because kids are not good at washing hands, but you really can get it at anytime in your life. The majority of people who do get it never know they have it because they never have any side effects from it. 

If you want more information on that I suggest googling it. You will learn a lot and feel like you need a scalding hot shower afterwards!!

The h. Pylori bug is interesting to look at and kind of reminded me of the movie the Matrix where Neo gets the bug put in his belly button. If you have never seen the Matrix you could probably google that scene if you want to see what I am talking about. 

This was my favorite picture. The colors are great! But that is just one. I’m sure there are billions of those in my gut fighting to stay alive as I kill them with medicine. 

So final word on this. The meds are rough. They make you feel yucky. They taste terrible but the result is you have a healthier you in the end. I will take these meds for 14 days. (I only have 9 days left) Then I wait 2 weeks and go in for a breath test. I don’t know the specifics on that but will definitely do a post once I know. 

This was a gross post. I’m going to go wash my hands and brush my teeth for an hour…yuck!!!!


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