Breath test for h pylori..

Today was the day for the breath test! 

First they ask that you not eat or drink at least 1 hour before, I had an eye doctor appointment for my middle so we did that first.  So I actually didn’t eat for 2 1/2 hours. 

This test was done at the regional lab of my hospital. When I arrived they brought me back to a draw room. Once there she went over the test and what I would be doing. 

First step. Take in a breath hold for 5 seconds and then blow into a bag. Easy enough. 

Second step. Drink one of the most sour drinks known to man! It was called citrus. After I finished that I had to sit and wait for 15 min. 

Third step. After 15 min. Breathe in, hold for 15 and then blow into another bag. 

The whole thing was pretty simple. 

Now we wait. Fingers crossed that the antibiotics got rid of the h pylori.  I should have the result within a week. 

Next step is the EGD.  I am scheduled for that on the 25th. That is the last procedure or test that I will have to do before my big day!!


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