Picture time!! Ugh…

I realized after my last post that I have not put a picture of myself up yet. Truth be told I HATE HATE HATE pictures of myself!! I guess it is because I have to see what others see and I don’t like it. 

I have said before that I have had weight issues pretty much since puberty. My weight has fluctuated since then. Heavy then not as heavy. But always overweight. 

I once read an article that says as a mom you should allow picture of you with your kids so they will have those memories to share with future generations after you have gone. I am guessing there are less than 100 pictures of me as an adult floating around. And honestly that makes me kind of sad. I am sad that my self esteem has been so tied up in my weight that I don’t allow photos. 

Ok. So. Here it is. These are not my highest weight. They are my current weight of 250lbs. 

This is difficult for me but it’s ok. I am on the road to a healthier, smaller me. I’m sure I will face things that make me as uncomfortable as these photos do. But it’s my journey. So I am facing it and it’s going to be ok!!

EDG is Wednesday. I am nervous about being put under after the LBBB diagnosis but I am sure I will be fine! I will post how it goes!


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