Upper Gastro Day Part 1…

I was not going to post until tonight after this day was all done, but, I woke up super early and need something to take my mind off the fact that I am STARVING!!

Ridiculous right?? I was told to stop eating at midnight. I should have kept eating right up to that point but I am an old lady and fall asleep at 9:30 most nights. So last night I finished eating at 7.  This is reasonable most nights because first thing in the morning I drink a nice big glass of water and then 30 min later I eat a great breakfast. After that I eat every 2 hrs… with a total of 6 eating times. I’ve been doing this since Nov 1… Today is not the same and my body is MAD. 

Ok enough pity party on that. I do have great news! My h pylori test came back NEGATIVE!! Which means I have beat that gross bug out of my system and even better is that I have not ingested any more poo mater!! Gross but the particle world IS GROSS!! 

Another thing I have to admit is I was a BEAR last night to my poor kids. I was just stressed to the max and instead of dealing with it I lashed out. Rude rude rude!! My anesthesiologist for today’s procedure called me last night and asked me some questions and talked to me about the LBBB. She did not sound concerned AT ALL which took about 90% of my stress away. I apologized to the kiddos, who all seemed to understand. 

I am setting a mini goal during this journey. DO NOT FREAK OUT. EVER!! I doesn’t help a single person including myself and just makes me feel like a jerk!!

My son took today off of work and is driving me. I am hopeful that he will pay close attention to what they tell him to do for me. This is a big test to see if he listens well!!

Ok off to shower and then to the hospital in a couple of hours. Can’t wait till I can eat!!


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