Upper Gastro continued…

It’s all done. I have completed the last pre-surgical step!! 

I was scheduled for 8:30 but didn’t get back to the OR until almost 10:30. The lady in front of me had some labs that had to get back before they would do the procedure for her. 

My nurse who prepped me was AMAZING!! She was funny and kept me very relaxed. I had to take all my clothes off and get into a lovely gown. There was a lot of waiting and a lot of introductions while I waited. 

Finally my anesthesiologist came in and said it was time. She went over a few things like my LBBB. Then she gave me a sedative to relax me. And it DID!! I vaguely remember being taken into the OR and a bit of when I woke up before they took me to recovery. My main worry was my butt was uncovered…why??.. I have no idea but I was worried!! They reassured me it was covered and then I went right back out and woke up in recovery.

The procedure was easier than I thought. I am a bit fuzzy but I am pretty positive they told me my insides are great!! Which of course means I will be able to have the gastric sleeve rather than the gastric bypass! BEST NEWS EVER!!!

I was able to be discharged within an hour! Easy!! 

I felt really tired but other than that I felt pretty great! I do have a bit of a sore throat. 

I went home and fell asleep around 2 and then woke up thinking it was the next day but sadly it was only 7:30. I’m still a bit tired so I will be able to go back to sleep soon!


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