This is getting REAL!!!!

I put off writing about my pre-op group because honestly I am a bit overwhelmed with all the info and needed a couple of days to think about it all. Hopefully I will explain enough to do it justice!!

When I got there I had a weigh in. Not a surprise it happens every time I go!  I STILL weigh 250… my body LOVES weighing 250. I go down and then BAM the next day I’m 250 again. I was disappointed but the nurse reminded me that I have already lost 24 pounds from my highest weight. Not too shabby for only being 3 months of weight loss.  

I then was sent to the conference room where they had set up for 5 of us bariatric patients to meet. Each chair had a lovely set up of necessities. 

After we all had arrived the nurse handed out our operation paperwork and pre-consent forms. These forms told us what time to check in and what time my surgery would be at. I am scheduled for Feb. 21st at 8:30 check in with a 10:30 surgery. 

So we filled out forms and talked about medications that we should and should not take. After surgery and two weeks before I have to stop taking Ibuprofen. It is bad for your pouch. I will miss it. I turn to it when I have headaches or joint pains and rarely use acetaminophen. But I guess that is going to be my new go to now!! 

After surgery all my medications need to be in liquid form or chewable. That is because your esophagus is angry and swollen after surgery so pills can get stuck which I’ve heard feels miserable. So this week my goals are to get that all straightened out. 

Two new exciting additions to my medicine cabinet are going to be:

because you have to keep things moving down there and with decreased food intake and pain meds you tend to get backed up. And

Because heartburn is bad and acid issues are bad. (I know that is really descriptive but that is all I can remember about that one)šŸ˜

We then discussed the pre-op liquid diet (which is also the post-op liquid diet). So here is a basic run down. Protein shakes, soups that have no chunks (Pacific brand was recommended), fat free sugar free pudding and jello (not gonna lie I’m excited about that), yogurt as long as it is smooth and under 100 calories, milk (I don’t like milk so I won’t be using that except for in my pudding).  Really basic stuff. So as the next two weeks go by I will post about what I eat for you. I’m also going to post about my feelings because I’m sure this will be a roller coaster of emotion time for me!!

I am pretty nervous. This is getting close. I have second guessed myself a million times and then reminded myself that I want a better healthier me. I need to do this so I can be an active mother and grandmother for my family!! 

Ok back to the class. After surgery the first day the only thing I am allowed is ice chips. I am not a huge fan of ice. I have overly sensitive teeth so I am worried about this but it’s one day so I’m sure I will be fine. Day two is water and sugar free liquid. Endless options!! 

Day three is much like day two except the options increase

The goal is also to drink 4 oz of water every hour the second day in 1 oz servings and 8oz an hour the second day in 1oz servings. So basically I will be doing nothing but drinking in the hospital…it will be crazy to see what it is really like. 

Well I think this post is long enough and I am feeling the stress of it so I am going to stop for now. More to come this week as the diet begins!!! 


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