Day two…liquid diet 

Well. What to say. Today was not fun. I want food. I’m still obsessing over guacamole and ruffles potato chips. I don’t know how to get over that…ugh. 

I still am not hungry.  I assume that is because of my protein intake. I tried the cashew carrot ginger soup and I am NOT a fan. At. All. 

I am trying not to be super negative about this liquid diet thing but honestly it sucks. 

I went and purchased a few of the meds and vitamins I need after the surgery. I am super lucky because I work at the hospital where I am having my surgery. I get a discount in the pharmacy. The picture below was $99 before my discount and $60 after!! That was a pleasant surprise. 

Another difficulty I have is cooking for my kids. I love to prepare them home cooked meals and I just can’t bring myself to cook for them. I feel guilty about it and have to keep reminding myself they are not helpless and can cook. My kids are older, 19,16 and 14, so I’m not neglecting them! 😜

Ok. I’m feeling like a big boob right now. 


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